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Portuguese Knitting

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Portuguese knitting explores another cultural method of knitting from Portugal
that provides optimal tension control and relieves stress on wrist and hands. For some knitters, it also increases speed because of minimal movements and no wrapping of stitches. The major difference is the use of thumb for flicking purl stitch construction, yarn held around neck or on Portuguese knitting pin attached to shoulder. The following stitches/techniques are learning points:
  • Portuguese Knit & purl stitch technique
  • Portuguese purl bind-off
  • K2tog
  • P2tog
  • Yarn over
  • Slip stitch
  • Pick up and knit
Pre-requisite: Mastered English American or Continental Knitting in completion of projects including 1x1/2x2 ribbing. Approach learning the Portuguese method of knitting with an open mind and commit to complete the cowl project in Portuguese Knitting.
Homework: Cast on 96 stitches in your favorite cast-on for your cowl.

Class Supplies:
  • Yarn: Merino Aran from La Bien Aimee (1 skein) or Extra by Blue Sky Fibers (1 skein)
  • Knitting needles: US#8 or 9 16” or 20” circular
  • Pattern: Supplied with class
  • Marker

Project Level:  

-Projects may include simple stitch patterns, color work, and/or shaping. (yarnstandards.com)

MATERIALS - Yarn for all education classes must be purchased at our store. We have a large store with an awesome selection & I'm sure we can find something for you.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS - We'll gladly refund for any class cancelled at least two weeks prior to the beginning of class.