Herstory Sock club by Knitted Wit

Herstory Sock club by Knitted Wit

We are absolutely loving Knitted Wit's Sock Club, HerStory.  Really, what's not to love?  Women supporting and celebrating the great achievements of other women.  We adore the beautiful hand dyed yarns from  Knitted Wit, located in Portland Oregon.  We hope you'll love the yarn and colors as much as we do.

Every month, Knitted Wit features a woman in STEM with a custom colorway of Victory Fingering Sock Yarn, inspired from the scientist.  There's a limited amount of each colorway, so get it while you can.  The release date is the 25th of each month.  Each skein has 400yds and comes with a love letter about the background, history and accomplishments of the woman and how the colorway was inspired by her work and life.

February 2018 HerStory colorway~

Meet Sau Lan Wu, Knitted Wit's inspirational female scientist for the February HerStory Sockclub.  She's a Physicist who is known for particle discoveries and in 1974, was on the Nobel-prize-winning team that led to the discovery of the Charm Quark.

Sau Lan Wu

 Lorajean, super talented owner and dyer of Knitted Wit, explains that she chose the colorway Charm Quarks because it reflected her favorite of her discoveries: the Charm Quark.  Like the three primary colors of light, Quarks can be red, green, and blue, and when mixed, they create white light.  You can read more about Sau Lan Wu and the colorway by clicking on her photo.

Remember to post pictures and use hashtags for this sock club #KnittedWit, #HerStory2018KAL or our store #eweniqueknits.  We love show and tell! 

Have fun and happy knitting~

Charm Quarks colorway, HerStory by Knitted Wit 

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site!

Yeah!  After much work, our new website is up and running.  We still have work to do, so stay tuned to see even more products, blog posts and tweaks.