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Gleener Sweater Saver

$ 7.95

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The Gleener® Sweater Saver is an essential tool for wardrobe and upholstery care. No batteries required, its Fabric Safe Edge™ effectively removes pilling, bobbles, and fuzz from medium-weight fabrics like cashmere, merino, finer knits, and fleece. Small enough to pop in a purse or bag!

Made from post-consumer recycled plastic, it's a sustainable choice that easily fits in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer.

  • Perfect for de-pilling chunky knit scarves, fleece outerwear, cashmere/merino sweaters, and more.
  • A thoughtful, eco-friendly gift available in 2 colors (specify preference in order notes).
  • Designed for convenience and durability, helping extend the life of your favorite textiles.