La Bien Aimee

Corrie Confetti

worsted weight

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Corrie Confetti takes the popular Corrie Worsted to the next level by adding recycled threads and fibers to it's base. A beautiful yarn with a light grey base from Paris France, hand dyed by La Bien Aimee. A mix of Falkland Corriedale and Gotland Wool. This worsted spun wool is deliciously soft and blooms beautifully when wet blocked, without growing at all.

These are limited edition batches and may not be produced for long periods of time. Please check your project yardage to ensure you have enough!

Corrie Worsted is a natural Non-Superwash yarn base that is spun specially for La Bien Aimée. Like all hand dyed yarns, we advise purchasing your project quantity at the same time and alternating skeins for a blended appearance.

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