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Stick & Stitch Embroidery

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Stick & Stitch Embroidery from Ikigai Fibers.

What is a STICK & STITCH EMBROIDERY PATTERN? It’s a pattern printed on a sheet of water-soluble stabilizer that you cut out and stick on top of your project, eliminating the need to transfer the design. Then you stitch right through the stabilizer. This enables you to stitch more precisely and will eliminate the need to use an embroidery hoop on most fabrics. When you’re finished, just run your stitching under water and whoosh…it magically dissolves leaving just your beautiful embroidery!

Also included is a regular printed pattern just in case you want to print or transfer more projects.

  • Stick & stitch embroidery pattern on wash-away stabilizer
  • Stitching instructions with illustrations
  • Printed pattern to trace and re-use

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    Fleurish Embroidery on a white Shawl Embroidery Pattern Sample on a pink sweater