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Learn the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom in a rigorous workshop
just in time to wear your own handwoven scarf this Spring! A scarf project will get you started with planning, warping your loom and learning how to weave using a stick shuttle. The scarf will measure approximately 8”x 60”. You may select any worsted weight or DK/Sport weight yarn for your project from our wide range of fibers and blends.
Together, the student and instructor will discuss basic weave structure, common problems and learn solutions and remove fabric from the loom if time permits. Discussion and demonstration of finishing your woven fabric, adding fringe and twisted fringe.
*Note: Please bring your own nutrition for lunch and snacks


  • Bring your own Rigid Heddle Schacht Cricket or Flip Loom with your own reed,
  • warping peg, scissors, threading hook, shuttle, loom clamps or stand. (other Rigid Heddle Loom must be approved by instructor in advance prior to registration)
  • Yarn Suggestions for worsted weight warp if using an 8 dent reed:
    • Option #1 Berocco Vernazza 2 skeins for warp & Berocco Vernazz 2 skeins for weft
    • Option #2 Cumulus Stripes 1 skein for warp & Rowan Cotton Revive 1 skein for weft
    • Option #3 Your choice of 160 yards worsted weight for warp & 160 yards worsted weight for weft
  • Yarn suggestions for DK/Sport weight warp if using a 10 dent reed
    • Option #1 Juniper Moon Cirrus solid or Jacquard for warp & weft
    • Option #2Juniper Moon Summer Solstice Paints 1 skein for warp & Summer Solstice 1 skein for weft
    • Option #3 Your choice of 200 yards DK/Sport weight for warp & 200 yards DK/Sport weight for weft