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Ranch 02

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Ranch 02 is a woolen spun, three ply yarn.   As all Brooklyn Tweed yarns, Ranch is American made from Sheep to Store.

FORBES RANCH lies near Kaycee, Wyoming, in the eastern valleys of the Bighorn Mountains. The Forbes family has lived here for three generations, herding their Rambouillet sheep from lowland winter pastures up into the mountains each year. The sheep’s fine fiber is a testament to the care they receive and the stewardship of the land they graze.

RAMBOUILLET SHEEP are hardy animals known for their resilience and their superior fleece. Durable, elastic, and soft enough to wear against the skin, the 100% Rambouillet wool of Ranch 02: Forbes creates long-wearing garments and accessories that will look and feel luxurious for years to come.

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